My Christmas Wish

Back when I was a child, I used to believe that Santa Claus was real, like any other children would. Every year, my sister and I would write letters to Santa to wish for toys and then place it on our Christmas stockings hung by the staircase. We’d wake up before dawn on Christmas day to see if Santa granted our wishes. As far as I’d remember, I always wished for Barbie dolls 😆

As we grew up, I somehow knew that Santa isn’t real and that our parents were the ones granting our wishes. And eventually, as we reached our teenage years, I stopped asking for toys. I haven’t wished for any material thing till then (except last 2012 when I really wanted to have a MacBook 😂)

Last year, I didn’t really want anything. I have everything I need. My wonderful family, my loving friends, plus I was a graduating Nursing student! I couldn’t ask for anything more. But since I was looking forward to continuing into Med school, I was desperate to get into UST Med. It was the only Med school I applied to (well, I applied to UERM as well, but I passed my requirements at the last minute, really hoping that I’ll pass UST). So I humbly prayed, and prayed and prayed some more that I get admitted.

For my birthday, I wished for UST Med. For every mass I attended, I wished for UST Med. For every prayer I offered, I wished for UST Med. For Christmas, I wished for UST Med.

And God didn’t fail me 😊


Earlier February 2015, I received the best gift ever! I GOT INTO UST MED!!! Although it was a little late for Christmas, I don’t mind because I GOT IN!! I know I’m exaggerating alot, but since admission to this Med school is really a miracle, especially if your pre-med course is Nursing (UST is very complicated and biased, but a great school nonetheless). Anyway, I got my Christmas wish last year!

During the UST Freshmen Thomasian Welcome Walk 2015
With my beloved subsec in Med, B4!

I don’t want to be selfish and all, but once again, I wished for something this year. It’s not a new bag, or new clothes or shoes. But, I wished for me and my batch mates to get licensed and become registered nurses. I know it was a tough year for me and everyone, but I also know that we’ve studied hard throughout our 4 (almost 5) years in UST-CON. I believe that everyone deserves to pass and some even become topnotchers, so I’m really hoping that my Christmas wish becomes granted this year. 🙏🏻


Waiting for the release of the results on January 11 to 20! Please help me pray through all the remaining days 😅😇


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