Taking more control in my finances

One thing I learned from my parents ever since I was a kid is to control and handle my money. I grew up saving my own money, whether it’s from Christmas money, from selling our homemade ice candies, washing our cars, or plucking my father’s white hair. As far as I can remember, my parents made Dana and I hold our money and be in control of how we are going to spend it. And since we are both very thrifty, we didn’t spend them and saved them for future purposes instead.

Until now, I am very known to be matipid, even if I do have enough money to spare. Instead, I choose to save them rather than spend it all on food hahaha!

This year, I decided to be more in control of my money and to keep track of where I spend them. So in order to fulfil this, I made my own Expense Tracker!

It comes in two layouts: one is for the letter size paper, while the other one is in A5 size.

(Letter Size)
(A5 Size)

I hope I can utilize it well, and if everything turns out right, I’ll be able to save more 😅


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