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Med school can be really tough, to the point where you’d already want to give up and you tend to forget why you pursued this in the first place. Of course, some people couldn’t handle the stress, pressure and failures, so they give up. But most medical students are fighters. Even though they were used to having good grades during Pre-Med, it doesn’t make them automatic achievers in Med. This is a different arena. People here are the best of the bests. So you really need to keep your pace up, and not let yourself get left behind.

I entered Med school without really having a clear picture of how life-changing it would be. At first, I thought it was not too different from when I was a Nursing student. I’ve heard a lot of stories about Med, but I failed to imagine how they really go through their everyday lives. But then I realized, this is Post-Graduate School. Things are really tough here. I think I was taken aback by the sudden change and how fast pacing everything was. Even though this is already post-graduate, our attendance in class are still graded, our schedules were fixed from the start till the end of the semester (every activity per day was already scheduled even before the semester started), and we still had quizzes for almost every day of every week. This is way more intense than Pre-med.

My first semester went really fast, and I was only able to adjust after 3-4 months. I know, that was a very long adjustment period. But 3-4 months is not enough. I still tend to lag at times. I still fail my short quizzes, I still get depressed from my small failures, and I still compare myself to my classmates who again, are the  “chosen ones”. The best among the rest. But that’s not a bad thing. You just have to get up, forget these failures, and move on. Because if you keep on getting saddened by your failing marks, that would continue for forever and you wouldn’t be able to recover yourself up. And this took me 4 months before I told myself to get a grip and learn to move on. I kept myself motivated. I told myself that this is just the beginning. More challenges will come, but I will get there. I just have to keep pushing myself, and never ever give up even if times get rough.

Of course, another factor why I was able to adjust and handle all the stress was because of my support system. I am very, very thankful for these people because I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. These people really helped me believe in myself and kept on cheering for me as I go through the toughest days/weeks/months of my life as a first year Med student. I’m sorry for a very lengthy post 😅✌🏼



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Although it was also difficult to fit in with this group, eventually they became like my new family. We’re together 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 4 weeks in a month, doing everything together from reports to case discussions down to recreational activities. I’m glad that I became part of this family, and I’m still looking forward in getting to know each of them more and spending more years together until we achieve our childhood dreams and become professional physicians one day. yay!


Smegs is what we call our college barkada. Even if we graduated from Nursing already, we still keep in touch and hang out on our free time. When they visit me, we usually eat. That’s why most of the pictures above were from our eat-outs. 😂  They’re willing to cross traffic just so I can join them for lunch/dinner! 😢

I am very lucky to have this set of friends because whenever I’m with them, I can be myself. I can be silly, I can be a bully, I can tell my jokes, I can laugh my heart out. Life is so much easier to handle with them. 😊


These people deserve a special mention because they are the best! Whenever I needed to forget about all the stress and just let all my frustrations out, they are the ones who were by my side. I think I don’t have to say out all the things they’ve done for me. All I know is that they have a special place in my heart and that I’ll always treasure the times we’ve shared. 💕


My B1 💛 We’ve been together since first year Nursing and I’m glad that I have her with me in Med school. The first few months would’ve been very difficult if it weren’t for her. I get to know new people because of her. We also try to motivate each other as much as we can haha


My very makulit and loving friend. She’s the one who constantly asks me to meet-up for lunch or do random activities together. Whenever she craves for Ababu, Makchang, and Erra’s Ramen, she would kulit me to come with her. Hahaha Most of the time, she’s the one sharing stories of her work and love life and I’m there to listen and give advices 🙂


This girl deserves a special award. She really is my shoulder to cry on. Whenever I’m having a bad day or had an argument with someone, I’d get a text from her saying “I miss you” or sometimes a text saying that she’s craving for Makchang or Pepper Lunch or BonChon (those are our favorite restaurants), and then she’s there to save the day! We’re both very emotional so she also cries whenever I cry. Hahaha


My review and lamon buddy, consistent supporter and forever date 😜 Even if we argue sometimes, he doesn’t fail to comfort me when I’m at my worst state. Despite my annoying attitude and mood swings, he’s still there to cheer me up. 🙂


Of course, the last but not the least would be my family. They’re the reason why I’m pursuing this career and why I’m here in the first place. Without them, I would be nothing. Even though I only get to see them during the weekends, it makes me feel good whenever we are together. Even if we have ups and downs, I’m still thankful that we’re complete, happy and healthy 🙂 I’m very lucky to have such supportive parents and sweet, loving sisters. They’re the ones who understand me well, even with my very sensitive and emotional self.



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