WONDER NOTES – Start Med School with a Bang!

One of the things that made me busy this vacation is because of a new business endeavor that I co-founded with Celine. I’ve always wanted to do business. I’ve already started with Coco Manila, an online shop that my cousins and I own. We basically sell clothes and make-up. But since all of us are busy with our schedules, we are not that hands-on with the business.

Celine and I always talked about putting up a business. And since we’re partners when it comes to making reviewers, we finally decided to share them to our fellow aspiring physicians through Wonder Notes!

We had a difficult time thinking of a good name for our notes. Celine suggested Wonderwoman notes, but that’s too long and a little close with the existing SuperSubsec Notes by MSE. So I told her, why not just make it Wonder Notes? 😂 And here’s the result!

wondernotes 450.png

Our reviewer is composed of topics from Anatomy (Embryology and Clinical Anatomy) and Biochemistry (1st-4th shift/51 topics). It’s basically a compilation of the reviewers/notes we made and used during our freshman year. Some topics are contributed by our friends, then most are written by the founders 🙂 We offer it in colored printing + with tables and figures for easier learning!


This is all made by our own efforts, from the editing to printing down to the binding. I was in charge of the editing and printing that’s why it took most of my vacation (I’m stuck at home, printing 😭😂). Meanwhile, Celine took care of the advertising, communicating, and binding. 🙂 Big thanks to MC (Celine’s BF) for being our supplier and driver too! Haha

Hardwork and perseverance is put in every copy so we would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t photocopy/reproduce this in any form 🙂 If you were able to grab a copy, you can comment below and tell me what you think! I’d be really glad to accept questions and suggestions 😉



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