B4 Goes to La Union

The past 3 weeks had been so stressful, I was literally counting down the days before our Christmas vacation/Sembreak. For the first time in forever, we finally pursued our plan to go to La Union! I was so happy when my parents finally let me go, even if I was the one who made the plan in the first place haha!

Our 3D2N trip to La Union was budget-friendly since we didn’t have to pay for our accommodation (+ some of our other meals!) We were warmly welcomed by Francis’ tita, who took care of us the whole trip.

For the first day, we embarked on the Farinas bus headed to Laoag at 6AM.  It was a long bus ride since we didn’t pass through TPLEX I think? So the usual 4-hour ride to La Union, became 7. It didn’t feel like it took 7 hours though because we were all knocked out throughout the bus ride (I blame the 3 weeks of exams we just had hahaha). 

As we arrived at the house, we settled down first, had our lunch, then headed to the beach, which was just 5 minutes away! I didn’t swim though because I had my period then (bad timing!!) but of course I will not pass surfing! It was my #1 reason for suggesting La Union as the destination of our trip. I was really looking forward to surf again after more than a year!

We just enjoyed our time at the beach since we had nothing planned for the day. We stayed there for 2-3 hours and then headed back to the house. And that’s when Mark, April and Megan arrived too! Now we’re complete! πŸ™‚  After that, we just played the guitar and sang along using the karaoke mic I brought πŸ™‚

After dinner, we went to Surf Shack to chill and have some drinks. Of course, Celine and I ordered the non-alcoholic ones! Glenn, David and Celine even sang on the open mic! Hahaha It was quite embarrassing since they were not prepared at all but who cares right? None of the people there knows us anyway! It was a fun moment πŸ™‚ And that’s how our first day ended. I wouldn’t elaborate more on the other happenings since they were a little personal hehe


On our second day, we had Tangadan Falls and Surfing on our itinerary. We woke up at 5:30 AM to have breakfast and then made our way to the falls. It took us a 30-minute tricycle ride to the entrance and then 1 1/2 hours to reach the falls. The trek was indeed very tiring, but the view was incredible once we reached our destination. It was amazing! We even had the falls to ourselves!

We enjoyed the cold water, swam here and there and even rode the balsa to go under the falls! It was so refreshing! Even though the water was very very cold, it won’t stop us from taking pictures and enjoying our wonderful view!

We also climbed to the top of the falls and discovered a smaller one where we can actually cliff dive! It was only I think 20-30 feet high? Not that high, but since it’s my first time to try cliff diving, I didn’t hesitate to climb the rocks. All of us tried it, so yeah #SubsecGoals!

Our trek back only took an hour since we didn’t stop for rest or anything. We went straight to San Juan Surf School and had our lunch at one of the restaurants nearby. We rested for awhile and then it was time to surf!

Alec, April and I planned to take the lesson for 2 hours since 1 hour is bitin for us, based on past experience. The massive waves made me feel more excited than ever! But since it was too big for beginners, we transferred to a different location. Oh! And we were able to get a discount since we were a big group. Normally, it costs 400 pesos for 1 hour of surfing (includes the instructor + surf board), but we got it for 350 pesos.

First batch to surf was me, Alec, April, Celine and Glenn!

Next batch was David, Mark, Chiara, Megan and Francis!

After an hour of surfing, I was too tired from drinking too much water and paddling/breaking through the big waves so we decided that 1 hour was enough. :)) It was still fulfilling though, because we were able to experience these waves which were only present during the -ber months.


After a very long and tiring day, we still had the energy to push through with our bonfire by the beach! We divided the group into 2: the bonfire group and the drinks/snacks group. I was part of the bonfire group along with Alec, April, Celine and Glenn. We proceeded immediately to the beach after dinner to set up the fire and it was exhausting! I didn’t expect that it could be this hard to build a fire with just a few wood and charcoal as our materials. After at least 30 minutes, we were able to start it. It wouldn’t have been possible without April and Alec’s perseverance. Haha! We had a few drinks, sang our hearts out using the portable karaoke and of course, had an open forum (parang retreat lang ang peg!) Anyway, that part’s personal so I won’t share any of it here. It was getting scary around 11:30PM because of the big waves and our bonfire already died too so I suggested that we go back to the house already. And that’s how our second day ended. πŸ™‚

The next morning, we had our breakfast and got ready for our beach photoshoot! We even went to a resort nearby for a better view πŸ™‚ And after that, it was time to say goodbye! We went to the bus station and waited for a bus that can accommodate us. It was a long ride home once again (almost 8 hours!). We rode a jeep to UST and then parted ways. Celine and I had dinner in McDo, while waiting for my GrabCar. But nobody picked me up :(, so I just took a jeep back to the condo. πŸ™‚


It was very tiring indeed! But I had a lot of fun with my B4 family. It was one of the best ways to end the semester with new memories to treasure! I hope this is the start for more adventures with them! (sana payagan ulit ako hehe)


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